Monday, September 12, 2016

Good Night Messages For Wife

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshap.At night time we can share good night messages for each other and at this time every wife has husband. So night time every wife can send message for your husband.

Good Night Messages:

You may not get a good night rhyme
because you already had a good night time,
so as you close your eyes to have a good night sleep,
remember how much you are loved all the time

My princess I love you to a depth you may never understand yet,
I remember you with memories I can never forget,
am your first and I promise never to let you down God help.

Our love has barely begun
yet our hearts beat as one,
with that oneness in my heart
I blow a kiss to my princess,
sweet night to you my royal sweetness
love you dearly

I treasure the passionate love we share
the love for God that we hold dear
I truly wish you are here
but even as you are there
our heart beats as one because for you I truly care.
Sweet night to you.

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